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Oh, know the perils, read the signs,
the warning history shows,
for our Hogwarts is in danger
from external, deadly foes

And we must unite inside her
or we’ll crumble from within
I have told you, I have warned you…
let the Sorting now begin.

ahhhhh I love cross-house friendships

I honestly thought this was a photoset of implied same-sex relationships that the background actors slipped into the films and I got excited




He is gone.

I found their responses really interesting, because he’s been in all of their lives (bar Emma) for almost as long as they can remember. He’s been help and hindrance, target, motivation, enemy, lover. He was the most powerful monster they knew in many cases. He seemed indestructible, unkillable, and undefeatable, and here, this powerful creature has just sacrificed everything he could, to ensure they were safe.

I think my favorite is Charming’s face. Charming knows a hero move when he sees it. Charming understands every little bit of what that man just did. To him, it is an honor, a privilege, to die for a noble cause like that. He’s tried to sacrifice himself that way a couple times over now and he’s always come back. All of a sudden Charming is confronted with a scenario where someone else is doing it, but there’s no good escape from this death. He gets it deep down in a way that not one other person there does.

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Mr. Gold in An Apple Red as Blood

(48/50 Mr. Gold caps)

I miss this fashionable bastard

The leather and all is really nice… but nothing suits me him like a suit. ;)

I honestly have “I miss that suit and cane” attacks. But then there’s the leather and…I’m conflicted.

Mmm, chiming in with another “I miss his suits and cane.” I also enjoy his Neverland getup, but guh, I so miss Gold in his D&G. Please, can we have them back?

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